Innovation Design Is The Soul Of an Enterprise !

Hoobn’s fast speed development is a result of providing specific products and services to meet customer’s needs.

Hoobn is an extremely versatile stationery manufacture with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into viable solutions!

  • Product ID designers
    Product concept, product sketch, Solid Works product drawings.
  • Product Prototyping
    Foam models (hand crafted), SLS prototyping, CNC milling, In-house rapid mold
    (silicon molding), In-house painting.
  • Engineering drawing
    Complete Pro-E product drawing, Corel Draw CAD drawing, Tool drawing.
  • Mold making (In-house)
    EDM machines, Wire Cutting machines, CNC machines, mold flow analysis
  • Product testing (In-house)
    Vibration test, life test, functional test, salt spray test, hardness test,
    environmental test.
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